Our Dates

Medjool Dates are the world’s most famous type of dates known as the king of dates.  They are  rare and exotic gourmet delicacy, due to their large size and unique impressive taste. The Jordanian Medjool Date is known for its supreme incomparable quality and distinct taste due to the perfect climate and soil in the Jordan Valley. This ensures the supreme quality and the very unique taste of every pack of Abu Ayyash Medjool Dates that is different than any other dates grown internationally. Post-Harvest is one of the most crucial processes in the production of Medjool dates where we focus on sorting our Medjool dates into three main categories: size, loose skin, and moisture content. We use the best practices of hygiene and quality control to ensure every pack meets our customers’ expectations.

Medjool Dates Grades

Premium Medjool Dates come in five sizes (small,medium, large, jumbo, and super jumbo). Premium quality dates are characterized by 0% loose skin separation with an error allowance of 5%. Loose Skin does not affect the quality of the taste but rather only the aesthetic of the dates.

Fancy Medjool Dates come in five sizes (small, medium, large, jumbo, and super jumbo). Fancy quality is characterized by having loose skin from one side or the equivalent of one side of the dates surface with an error allowance of 5%

Choice Medjool Dates come in five sizes (small, medium, large, jumbo, and super jumbo). Choice quality is characterized by having loose skin on more than one side or the equivalent of more than one side with an error allowance of 5%

Rutab also knows as Bon-Bon Medjool is very high in moisture content. Rutab is known for its delicate soft form and sweet taste. This quality comes in customized specific packing to ensure it reaches the end consumer in the best form possible.  

*All four grades comes from the same tree, and get sorted accordingly.

Kala Dates are our propitiatory product of Abu Ayyash Farms. Being one of a kind in the whole world, Kala dates are Abu Ayyash signature dates. Kala is characterized by its dark color and its very unique taste. The main attraction by consumers to this unique date is its flavor which has been described as having dark chocolate after taste. This unique flavor is 100% natural and only found at our farms. Sure to excite any date enthusiast!

Hillawi Dates are native to Hella a city in Iraq; however this Jordanian grown version of the date is characterized by its honey-like color and sweet taste. Whether its best in taste or best value for consumers’ pockets, Hillawi dates are sure to impress.

Ajwet Al Madina Dates are native to a holy city called Al Madina, in Saudi Arabia.  It is a highly sought-after date by Muslims around the world because of it's religious significance and outstanding nutritional benefits.

Muneefi Dates are characterized by their round shape and dark brown color. This date is low in sugar.

Tory Dates are native to Jericho Palestine. This date is believed to be Virgin Mary’s date and has a sweet, nutty flavored dry date. Known as the bread date because it is suited to baking. They are late ripening medium-large oblong fruit with golden-brown flesh. 

Dejlet Dalvir Dates are another proprietary type of dates that originates to Abu Ayyash Farms. These dates were grown at our farms from a single seed planted 30 years ago. This date is long and thin with a dry texture that is not too sweet. 

Safawi is a date that is native to Saudi Arabia. It has a very dark black color similar to our Kala dates but has different taste. 

Mabroum Dates are originally native to Saudi Arabia. They have a dark red color and are distinctive due to their chewy texture and phenomenal taste. 

Seqei Dates are originally native to Saudi Arabia. They have multi colors of golden yellow and light brown with a honey like flavor.

Ayyash Dates are native to Abu Ayyash Farms originally discovered from a single seed at our farms. This date comes large in size and hollow inside that gives an exceptional  taste.